Neatfreak Cube Vacuum Storage Bags, 2 Piece XL Double Gusset



Packing bulky pillows and comforters into this set of two double gusset vacuum-sealed bags couldn’t be easier thanks to the patented cube-shaped design.  Simply fill, seal and vacuum out the air for space-saving storage.

Style# 4421


  • Set of 2 extra-large, double gusset vacuum storage bags
  • Feature a patented double gusset cube design with a flat top and bottom for easy packing
  • Ideal for storing pillows, linens, bedding, seasonal clothing, cushions and more…
  • Protect contents from damage caused by water, mildew, insects and dust
  • Airtight, waterproof, and reusable
  • Clear plastic with zipper seal and vacuum valve
  • Use any household vacuum to remove the air, and close valve for an airtight seal  
  • To ensure compression is maintained, vacuum bags should be re-suctioned every four to six months.
  • Provides up to 75 percent storage space savings
  • Each bag measures 43.3 inches wide x 18.6 inches deep x 25.6 inches high (110 x 47 x 65 centimeters)

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