Bloem 17” Ups-A-Daisy Round Planter Lift Insert

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Ups A Daisy plant elevation platforms are specially designed to help reduce the amount of potting soil required to fill large, tapered pots. Ups-A-Daisy sets inside your planter approximately 0.5 to 0.67 of the way down into your container.
Dimensions- 17" Top width x 17" bottom width x 1" height
• Includes 1 Bloem ups-a-daisy round planter lift insert 17"
• Provides drainage and airflow for healthy root growth
• Extremely strong and durable- reusable year after year
• Use up to 50% less potting soil and reduce planter weight
• Sturdy design Measure inside of planter half way down to determine proper insert size
• FDA approved resin for contact with edibles and food- plastic code 2 and 5
• Plastic
• Hand Wash
• Made in USA

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