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It features a handcrafted look straight out of an exotic marketplace, yet functions with state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology — the Wander ultrasonic aroma diffuser lets you go totally cordless and enjoy a pure aroma source anywhere you choose. Its ceramic cover comes in 2 earthy colors, while the diffuser delivers your favorite 100% natural aroma for up to 4 hours continuous or 8 hours intermittent. Besides treating your senses, the fine mist offers soothing humidity to alleviate the symptoms of dry air. Finally, turn on the light for a gentle glow that makes every use unforgettable 
• Cordless
• Delivers a fine mist of natural aroma to enhance your mood
• Rechargeable
• Runtime up to 4 hours continuous or 8 hours intermittent
• Luminous light creates a gentle glow for a peaceful environment
• Alleviates dry air
• WARNING: Do not use any power adapter, charger or cords other than those included with your product. Using incompatible, counterfeit or non-certified accessories can cause fire or accidents. Contact the manufacturer for replacements.
• Ceramics 32%, Plastic 15.33, Electonics 9.33%, Packaging 42.67%, Other .67%
• To Clean the Surface Clean the surface of your diffuser with a clean, damp, soft cloth as often as needed. To Clean the Reservoir and Ultrasonic Membrane We recommend wiping the reservoir with a clean, damp, soft cloth at least once every 2 weeks.
• Imported

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